Attracting Fairies

Cleaning fairies are shy and it is rare to see one. You may notice that things in your room may be moved around a bit after your fairy has visited. This is their way of playing little tricks and games with you. There are a few things you can do to welcome them to come play in your home or garden.

You can invite fairies to come by creating a special fairy garden.

Showing gentle acts of kindness to the fairies such as leaving them natural sweet treats like raisins or strawberries will let them know you are thinking of them. The tiny fairy dragons appreciate a small bowl of water and often like to snack on pet food.


Fairies are not only attracted to clean rooms, but they also love to be around children with good hearts. Fairies befriend those who choose to be happy and kind hearted to others. Fairies do not like to be around those who are selfish, have bad attitudes or ungrateful hearts. If you have bad habits, replace them with good ones. Our hearts are little gardens as well.To let all the goodness inside of us to show, we must make sure we don't let these weeds grow. Get the weeds out, so the beauty in your heart can be seen! Make sure to remember to always say "Thank You" and "Please." You are not expected to be perfect, as none of us are, but the fairies do expect for you try your best to have goodness and kind thoughts inside of you. If you've had a bad day, expect that your fairy will have some suggestions for better behavior the next day.